PC Public Speaking

Public Speaking

All students study English Language at GCSE Level. Speaking and Listening is a key component of this subject. Students participate in a range of activities within their timetabled English classes and have the opportunity to develop their skills further through participation in several public speaking competitions held mostly in the month of November with Finals taking place February/ March. For example:

  • The Edgar Graham Memorial Public Speaking Competition – a five minute speech on a topic of your choice, delivered in the prestigious location of the Senate chamber at Stormont.
  • Soroptimist International NI Public Speaking Competition – only open to girls in Year 12 and 13. Individuals speak on a topic selected from a range of topical titles supplied in advance by the Soroptimist society whose aim is to empower girls by providing them with opportunities to develop their talents.
  • Business and Professional Women Public Speaking Competition – a team of three with a Chairperson, Speaker and Expresser of Thanks. The Speaker swaps with another team. This means that the Chairperson has to introduce someone they have only met fifteen minutes beforehand and the Expresser of Thanks has to thank the same person. The Speaker has to answer two questions unknown in advance. Wit and humour are essential as well as resourcefulness and the ability to think on your feet.