House System

The Houses:  Donald Woodman BEM

Mr Woodman (headmaster of Portadown College, 1947 -1972) encouraged sport through the House system. This gave everyone the opportunity to participate in competitive sport. There are three Houses in Portadown College: MacCallum, Seale and Shillington.

There are House competitions in Sport, Music & Debating


  • Group Captain J Evelyn MacCallum, RAF
  • Portadown College 1st XV captain 1922/23
  • Killed in action 16/10/1943
  • Buried in Bangor Cemetery
  • Remembered on Bangor War Memorial and Portadown College War Memorial
  • Lady Mary Peters, Munich 1972 Olympic Games Gold medallist, belonged to MacCallum House


Named in Honour of brothers…

Squadron Leader W Terry Seale RAF

  • Portadown College 1st XV 1934 /35
  • Killed in Action 30/6/41

Lieutenant Theo J Seale, Royal Irish Fusiliers

  • Portadown College 1st XV Captain 1937 /38
  • Killed in action 1/6/1944

Theo and Terry Seale are both remembered on Portadown War Memorial and Portadown College War Memorial.

British Lion, Ulster and Irish Rugby player Rory Best belonged to Seale House.


  • Named after Major David Graham Shillington, in 1947
  • From a highly regarded Portadown Methodist (Thomas Street) family
  • David Graham Shillington served as a Major in the Royal Irish Fusiliers during WW1 and was an Ulster Unionist MP
  • 2 members of the Shillington family, Tom Shillington and Geoffrey (St George Shillington) Cather VC, were members of the 36th Ulster Division and killed in action at the Somme and on the Western Front (1916)
  • Lt Col Colin Weir 1st Btn Royal Irish Regiment belonged to Shillington House