Founded in 1924, Portadown College is a selective, academic, post-14 school which takes pride in its excellent reputation, friendly atmosphere, sense of community and the very good relations enjoyed between our staff, students and parents.

Students know they are cared for and are expected to work hard and achieve high standards in everything they do in preparation for their role as responsible, independent, confident and thoughtful adults and citizens.

Whilst providing students with the courses they need to gain qualifications for higher or further education and the world of work, we aim to do so in a unique environment specialising in this stage of education.

We are cognisant of the need to provide for our students opportunities to be increasingly responsible for their own learning, managing their own time and making informed decisions about their futures. However, we also recognise the need for high quality structured teaching and specialist careers and pastoral guidance so as to help each young person reach his or her potential. Portadown College has a long and proud history. Our students have a reputation for academic success, charitable giving and self-discipline, of which we are proud. We want students to enjoy their time with us at “PC”.

In addition to the broad range of GCSE and A level subjects on offer, students are encouraged to take advantage of the vast array of other qualifications, clubs, societies, educational visits and performances and get involved in wider College life. We value all learning, not just examination results.

Portadown College is more than a school; it is a College community. We value and celebrate the individual whilst being aware of our interdependence. Our College values unite us, as does our pride in our reputation. Success is celebrated as a community.

Our Values

Our College Motto:

Fortiter et Humaniter (With Courage and Courtesy) underpins our four core values of:

  • nurturing the individual;
  • respecting ourselves and others;
  • serving our local and global community;
  • encouraging lifelong learning.

Our Aims

Our aims flow from our ethos and core values:

Academic and Personal

  • To ensure that all students strive to achieve their full academic, personal, moral, spiritual and social potential.
  • To provide each student with access to, and the necessary individual support for, a range of studies in order to acquire the relevant qualifications for Further and Higher Education and the world of work.
  • To facilitate the continuing professional development of all our staff.
  • To encourage a culture of celebration of success in all we do.


  • To enthuse our students to get involved in a very wide range of activities to promote the qualities of self-discipline, integrity, competitiveness, initiative, courtesy, independence and self-confidence.
  • To encourage each individual in our College community to take responsibility for his/her role as a citizen by seeking to improve the lives of others.


  • To maintain and develop the key relationship between home and school to ensure the very highest standards of support and achievement for all our students.