Below is the relevant information to appeal your Centre Determined Grade following the issuing of results in August 2021.

Before submitting an appeal please refer to the Notes section of your Candidate Assessment Record (received on Results Day), alongside the PC Policy for the Post Results Service (available below) to consider whether you have Grounds for Appeal and Supporting Evidence.

PC Appeal Submission Guide

In completing your form, please carefully follow each step in the PC Appeal Submission Guide (available below) to avoid a delay to your application or a return for editing. Please note the deadlines for each stage listed in the guide, as well as the email address for submission.

Appeal Forms

*Forms are only available for download after the issuing of results in August 2021*


General Information 

For further general information on the awarding of grades in Summer 2021, please refer to the CCEA Parent & Student Guide to the Post Results Service, as well as the summary of how qualifications will be awarded in this series.