History of PC

Founded in 1924, the school was established initially in Bann House on the banks of the River Bann, adjacent to the main road bridge of the time. In 1962 the school moved to a new, purpose-built site, on the Killicomaine Road. The school previously had a preparatory department until its closure in 2006.

Portadown College has seen many major changes in education. Originally established as a fee-paying voluntary grammar school, it embraced the changes of the The Education (Northern Ireland) Act 1947 and, subsequently, has made a major contribution to the present ‘two-tier’ system of secondary education in the Craigavon area.


There have been 7 Headteachers in post since its inception in 1924:

2019 – Present: G. R. Gibb
2009 – 2019: R. S. Harper
2006 – 2009: D. O’Hare
1993 – 2006: T. W. Flannagan
1973 – 1993: T. H. Armstrong
1946 – 1973: D. W. J. Woodman
1924 – 1946: W. J. Warren

The leadership of the college is proud of its history, reputation and standing in the world of education but simultaneously mindful of the speed of technological advancement and educational change looking forward to the facilities a new school will provide for future generations of young people. the College continues to enjoy an enviable reputation for academic, sporting and other successes, being annually ranked among the top achieving Grammar schools in N Ireland and the UK in GCSE and ‘A’ Level performance.

2022-23 Head Boy Isaac Baird and Head Girl Ellie Eakin with Miss Gibb

Former Head Boys and Head Girls of Portadown College

Year : Head Boy, Head Girl

2022-23: I Baird, E Eakin
2021-22: C Coert, S-J McKew
2020-21: J Vallelly, E Wilson
2019-20: E Williamson, V Calvert
2018-19: C Thornbury, J Kerr
2017-18: T Neill, K McClelland
2016-17: S Hodgen, K Burns
2015-16: R Davidson, C McClelland
2014-15: N Reilly, E McNeilly
2013-14: I Irwin, L McCausland
2012-13: G Park, S Wilson
2011-12: A Steele, K Armstrong
2010-11: R Hill, G King
2009-10: J T Graham, K P Holland
2008-09: A R Spence, H L J Nevin
2007-08: D R Kenny, C R Irwin
2006-07: M S P Biscomb, R J Best
2005-06: C R McCabe, E A Black
2004-05: E J Ruddell, K J Dickson
2003-04: A I Ferguson, C S J Hamilton
2002-03: A W S Cheevers, S L McClelland
2001-02: A R Neill, S F Gowing
2000-01: K W Clark, A C McKeag
1999-00: M Lobb, L I Greer
1998-99: D P Orr, C Sullican
1997-98: M P Best, S J Clougher
1996-97: L S Webster, H F Williamson
1995-96: M H McComiskey, K E Stewart
1994-95: S D Robinson, F J Stewart
1993-94: D A Wilson, R L Flannagan
1992-93: B G Forde, C F E McAdam
1991-92: D A Russell, C G McClean
1990-91: A J Flannagan, L Stewart
1989-90: D S Muldrew, J C Edgar
1988-89: P R J Atkinson, R H Gilpin
1987-88: B C Fulton, K S Waters
1986-87: D E Russell, A C Hare
1985-86: A M Wright, S J Grant
1984-85: P B Hawthorne, J E Purdy
1983-84: W S D Boyce, R Burnett
1982-83: S W Thompson, J A Watson
1981-82: N E Matthews, S J McCullough
1980-81: H Bell, M L Matchett
1979-80: W B M Thompson, D W Thompson
1978-79: E W Allen,R V Steele
1977-78: B Douglas, S E Price
1976-77: C R Livingston, R P Reilly
1975-76: G E McElroy, J Morrison
1974-75: G R Chambers, H N Eakin
1973-74: S Ruddell, J M Beattie
1972-73: A W Kerr, L Hall
1971-72: J K Matthews, G M English
1970-71: A S Gray, L G Greeves
1969-70: D A B Soye, F Dickey
1968-69: J W White, B McElroy
1967-68: G T Carson, A Rankin
1966-67: W F Lutton, K Martin
1965-66: F A H Carter, E Tedford
1964-65: T W Flannagan, M Robinson
1963-64: R W Henry, R Clingan
1962-63: F I Magee, G Morgan
1961-62: T J Jones,H Anderson
1960-61: D B Price, R Thornton
1959-60: W D Carson,R Bell
1958-59: K A Wilson, A Clingan
1957-58: K L Bell, V Rankin
1956-57: T G Price, M Peters
1955-56: K Flannagan, A McCullough
1954-55: W Wright,E Haire
1953-54: E Tate, M Mullen
1952-53: H B Gordon, A Sandford
1951-52: E C Doogan, J Hawthorne
1950-51: C M Bell, R Fairley
1949-50: M J K Alexander, G Kenny
1948-49: T P J Gamble, M McKibben
1947-48: D H Vaughan, B Green
1946-47: J E C Bell, A Dunlop

Portadown College Preparatory Department

The Preparatory Department of Portadown College was first established in 1922 in Cartan Street under the tutelage of Miss Montgomery ‘for the daughters of genteel folk’.

Read more about the Preparatory Department


Lord, help us to acknowledge
In everything Thy sway;
Be with us here in College
Our guide in work and play.
To kindness and to courtesy,
To championship of truth,
To courage and tenacity,
Inspire the Zeal of youth.

May School the wide arena
Of ardent, friendly strife,
Endow us with a keener
And finer zest for life,
To heights unscaled inspire us,
Unruly passions cool,
To selfless service fire us
Through pride and love of school.

Still onward, as the river
That once flowed by our gate,
Our years are moving ever
Towards life’s mature estate.
Add to our book-learnt knowledge
Wisdom and charity,
That they who leave this College
May still walk on with Thee.