PC Journalism is an extra-curricular club that meets weekly to create journalism for a variety of media.  The Club exists to create opportunities for you as students to enter the world of journalism.

Support is offered to those students who choose to engage in some investigative journalism, writing features and filming news packages where they independently carry out research and conduct interviews.

Every year, students participate in BBC Young Reporter, which enables aspiring broadcast and print journalists to produce their own news stories for which they investigate, take photos and carry out interviews.  Students take part in BBC Digital Cities, BBC NI Festival of News and Cinemagic workshops and interactive news events.  Students produce their own films on a range of newsworthy issues.

Report on PC Lifeline Charity Walk for NICFFC

PC Journalism Club’s Year 11 students recorded a report about the college charity Lifeline’s recent charity fundraising walk for NI Cancer Fund for Children.

BBC School Report 2019

PC Journalism Club took part in BBC Young Reporter this year, working on a number of different projects.

In Year 13, Danielle Weir was responsible for filming and editing a piece directed by Jonathan Reid and Ellie Currie on the motion debated by MPs relating to a proposed later start to the school day, while Year 11 girls Scarlett Grady, Chloe Cust and Kiera Whaley filmed and edited a Journalism class piece on the benefits owning a dog has on our wellbeing (links to the videos below).

Sixth form students Jonathan Reid and Matthew Walsh researched and produced written journalism for BBC Young Reporter, covering Irish theatre and NI football.

Students from Years 11, 12 and 13 took part in a BBC Digital Cities event, learning how to film and edit digital news, and experimenting with VR technology in addition to participating in BBC NI Festival of News Day workshops and interactive news events at BBC Broadcasting House, Belfast.

The Year 11 Journalism Class made their own BBC News Report in response to the suggestion by the UK Schools Minister Nick Gibb to ban smartphones in schools. You can view it on the school website. As a class they took part in the BBC Festival of News on Live News Day, trying out sports commentating, weather reporting in front of the green screen and being kitted up with bullet proof jackets in readiness for reporting from the field.

Year 12 students Lucy Williamson, Lucy Quinn and Amy Hanna and Year 13 student Jonathan Reid all enjoyed some live broadcasting on the Lunchtime news and the BBC News Channel with BBC presenter Aileen Moignagh as part of Live News Day.

In recognition of their contribution to BBC School Report and by way of celebrating their achievements, they all received certificates.