Remembering the Fallen

On November 11th 2016, Portadown College held their annual remembrance assembly. This year’s assembly was extra special due to it being the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (1916-2016).

Mr Harper opened the proceedings with an address to the staff and pupils of Portadown College. Kerrie Burns (Head Girl) read an emotional poem written by former solider Alan Seeger called ‘I have a rendezvous with death.’ Alan Seeger died on July 4th 1916 while serving for the French Foreign Legion.

After the reading of the poem, Mr Harper read some chilling statistics about the Battle of the Somme. Most shocking was the total number of casualties: 1.3 million. A short video clip showed men going over the top and bodies being described as being ‘like fish in a net’.

‘A commanding officer writes to his wife’ was read by Stuart Hodgen (Head Boy) which further tugged on everybody’s heart strings.

Following this the ATC laid a wreath and Mr Robinson (School ICT Technician and former serviceman) read the words of Flanders Field. This was followed by a minute’s silence and the Last Post.

The assembly was finished by prayers from the vice principals (Miss Gibb and Mr Richardson) and a poignant lament played by year 14 student Dion Boyle on the bag pipes.

Every student left with the words of Flanders Fields engraved in their mind.

‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning.

We will remember them.’


Matthew Walsh Year 12


Portadown Air Cadets take to the skies

Students from Portadown College travelled to England for Air Experience Flying at RAF Woodvale near Liverpool on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

From Year 12,    Michael Beattie, Samuel Buckley, Jake McMillan, Samuel Mullen, Tim Neill and James Smyth.

From Year 14,   Will Parks, Amy Stevenson and Sarah Taylor.

Flying girls 3            Flying girls 1 Flying girls 2

Cadets from Air Training Corps in Portadown College complete their Duke Of Edinburgh Award Hike

The Air Training Corps Duke of Edinburgh Expedition was undertaken on 26th – 27th September in the Mournes area. Four Cadets from 814 Squadron (Portadown College) took part, with all passing the assessment.

Hike 1 Hike 2 Hike 3

RAF Summer Camp for ATC Cadets

Portadown College Royal Air Force cadets sampled first-hand experience life on an RAF base this summer, staying in RAF Benson and RAF Halton.

Cadet Michael Beattie and Sergeant Adam Heasty attended the camp in RAF Benson near Oxford, where they gained further flying time in addition to the PT and team exercises which engaged their time.

Cadets Tim Neil and James Smyth attended camp in RAF Halton in July.  They were kept busy with Drill competitions, shooting on base and training in First Aid, not to mention the flying time acquired on a day trip to RAF Benson and a memorable trip to the Imperial War Museum in London.

For Tim, this was his first experience of camp, which he hopes to repeat, especially on account of having clocked up an hour of powered flight time.  For James, the highlight was to earn his Marksmanship, the first of the shooting badges.

Ben McKitterick and Adam Heasty (Year 14) have each been awarded Flying Scholarships by the RAF.