Portadown College Virtual Prize Day 2020

Reflecting on 2020, a most unprecedented and unique year in the history of Portadown College, Principal Gillian Gibb has acknowledged the achievements of the GCSE and A Level classes of 2020 in her Virtual Prize Day address.

In particular, the Principal paid tribute to, “the magnificent response of our students and the entire College community during the difficult circumstances of school closure from March to June which served, so strikingly, to reaffirm our ethos and core values.

Most significantly, during these months, these core values – Nurturing the Individual, Respecting Ourselves and Others, Serving our Local and Global Community and Encouraging Lifelong Learning – were embodied in countless iterations by our staff and students, past and present, through their various acts of dedicated service, thoughtful kindnesses and altruistic gestures of goodwill. 

In particular, I commend our students for their resilience, industry and determination of spirit. They are exceptionally talented and committed young people who so richly deserve the grades awarded in Summer 2020.