World Mental Health Day was marked this week in a number of ways from special assemblies on promoting positive mental health and Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing prompt cards, to a special event on World Mental Health Day (10 October). We welcomed twenty-five exhibitors from a range of agencies and voluntary groups to the College to promote the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing message, including opportunities for students to become involved in their communities, whether through activity or volunteering.

Year 11 student Marcia Varela explained what she gained from the event. “Many organisations were there, explaining how they could help us with the 5 steps to well-being. I learned the importance of taking part in my community. So many people wanted to help us and include us. Each exhibitor had their own take on the 5 steps to well-being with running clubs on the one hand and a talking newspaper on the other – so there was something for everyone.”

The College Charity ‘Lifeline’ was also present and held a collection to raise funds for local mental health charities.

The College continue to foster positive mental health, through the Personal Development programme and the support of ‘Reach’ Mentoring and the ‘Links’ Counselling Service. ‘Links’ have recently partnered with the College to offer a six week certificated course to students in resilience.

All of these activities are part of promoting an atmosphere of mutual support and positive mind-set in the College.

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