Commenting on news that Portadown College has been named on the list of schools which will benefit from the Department of Education’s latest capital investment scheme, Principal Miss Gillian Gibb, said:
The Education Minister’s announcement that Portadown College has been included in the major capital funding programme is very welcome indeed for both the College and its wider community as we approach our centenary in 2024.  I am delighted for our College stakeholders, most particularly the students and future generations of young people who will continue to benefit from an outstanding educational experience in bespoke, state-of-the art facilities.

I wish to pay tribute to the successive Boards of Governors, School Leadership Teams, parents and local representatives who have advocated passionately over several years to secure this much-needed capital investment.  I also extend thanks to the Department of Education and the Education Authority, whose commitment to long-term strategic investment in our school estate is recognition of the College’s significant place at the heart of education in Portadown.”

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Peter Aiken, added:
“It is exceedingly good news that Portadown College has been considered as being worthy of a new suite of buildings.  On behalf of the Board of Governors I have been consistent in highlighting the deficiencies in the current estate and the difficulties experienced by both students and staff in the delivery of education as part of the Dickson Plan.

Over the past number of years, the College community has been working with the Education Authority and Department Education officials and this has been helpful.  Thanks also to the Education Minister, Ms Michele McIlveen, and our local politicians who have acknowledged the need for action.

The journey now begins again; a journey which will be hard and long, but nevertheless eventually rewarding.”

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