On Wednesday 9th December the year 14 Sports Science students took to the Portadown College rugby pitches to mark out the track for the PC Fun Run.

This Fun Run was being organised for the Year 11 students to help reintroduce physical activity into their daily lives due to all physical PE classes being cancelled within school.

This Fun Run was organised with Covid-19 in mind, using all the essential measures needed to allow this event to be made possible.

We had 25 participants running a track around the rugby pitches, consisting of 3 laps (3KM).  Medals were given out to the top 3 boys and girls as follows:

Boys 1st – James Millar, 2nd – Jack Abernethy and 3rd – Caleb Allen.

Girls 1st – Eva Young, 2nd – Molly Sloan, 3rd – Katie Burns.

Certificates were given to all participants to commend the excellent achievement of completing our Fun Run.

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