Dear PC Class of 2020

On behalf of all your teachers here in College, I write, in circumstances unforeseen and most surreal, to express our very best wishes to you all, not only in the weeks ahead, but for your lives beyond PC.

It was with very heavy hearts indeed that we watched your departure from school on 19 March without an opportunity to enjoy the special events and farewells ordinarily associated with “Leavers’ Day”. Nonetheless, we very much hope for a safer, more appropriate time when we can all come together to celebrate your College years in style.

Each and every one of you has made a distinctive mark on PC in a rich variety of ways. Whether through your contribution to the ethos and atmosphere of College life, extra-curricular involvement or academic success, you have truly made PC the very special place it is. We hope that your journey has been enjoyable, rewarding and memorable. Be proud of all you have worked to achieve and make a commitment to sustain the bonds of friendship forged during your time with us.

How ironic that, until a few short weeks ago, you were often and most unfairly labelled the ‘snowflake generation’ by society at large. Class of 2020, I have complete faith that, with “Courage and Courtesy”, you will draw upon deep reserves of resilience to support your families and friends in overcoming the challenges to come.

And so as you embark upon fresh experiences and new adventures, may the closing words of our school song resonate throughout your lives:

Add to our book-learnt knowledge
Wisdom and charity,
That they who leave this College
May still walk on with Thee.

Keep connected, be strong and stay safe, Year 14.

With warmest wishes

Gillian R Gibb