Portadown College Prefects List 2016/17

Kerrie Burns
Abi Cairns
Claire Carswell
Zoe Cumberland
Grace Glasgow
Rachel Griffin
Claire Ingram
Rebekka Irwin
Sarah Johnston
Gabija Kleimenovaite
Kathryn Martin
Kayla McCann
Larissa McIlwrath
Kirsty McNiece
Chloe McStea
Victoria McTurk
Hannah Meredith
Lucy Place
Bethany Proctor
Abigail Scott
Carrie Symington
Evie Symington
Emma Topley
Katie Topley
Emma-Jayne Wright

Callum Boyd
Dion Boyle
James Carrick
Ryan Daly
Ben Ferguson
Tom Freeburn
Alaistair Gilpin
Marcus Hewitt
Stewart Hodgen
Philip Hopps
Andrew May
Jack McMahon
Aaron McMaster
Andrew Moorcroft
Peter Morrow
John Russell
Daniel Smith
Jordan Taylor
Zac Wilson
Ross Wilson
Matthew Winter
Manus Wong
Stephen Woods

The College is closed to students from Friday 20th March until further notice. Very best wishes to our young people, their families and friends at this difficult time.