Year 13 Geography students made their annual trip to Magilligan Field Centre, County Londonderry, from 10th to 12th October.

Day one included a trip to Coleraine’s town centre to complete questionnaires. In the evening the competitive spirit was in full flow with a quiz. Pupils also enjoyed some free time to play table tennis and pool.

Day two comprised of a study of the Curly Burn River.  Pupils worked in groups to collect data from 10 sites along the river’s profile. The river’s width, depth and velocity are just some aspects of the river that were examined.  The data collected will be used in exam responses in June.

Day three was spent on the beach. We had access to one of the best sand dune ecosystems in Ireland, the Umbra Nature Reserve. Pupils learned about the formation of sand dunes and the changes that occur as the sand dunes mature and change.

All in all, a wonderful trip!

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