Year 13 Geographers headed north on Monday 15th October. Their destination was Magilligan Field Centre where they spent 3 days developing their fieldwork skills and techniques and applying their geographical knowledge to real-world scenarios. 

The fieldtrip began with a settlement survey in Coleraine town centre and was followed with statistical analysis and interpretation in the afternoon. The evening was dedicated to some free time and a group quiz. Tuesday was spent in the Curly Burn river! Students were collecting data which will be used during their AS3 examination. All students worked diligently and were commended on their good nature and attitude towards the task! A movie night took place in the evening.

The Umbra sand dune ecosystem at Magilligan strand was the final fieldtrip destination. Students surveyed the changes that occur in the ecosystem as the dunes age and collected data on the increasing amount and diversity of plant species.

Well done to all of the students! You did PC proud!


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