Football Report: Portadown College vs St Columb’s (Londonderry)

Round 4 of the Northern Ireland Cup

PC started the stronger of the two teams and opened the scoring through a clinical finish from Harry Anderson. Soon after, the PC goalkeeper David Walsh sustained an injury which would later rule him out of finishing the game. St Columb’s scored soon after play was resumed which twisted the game into a free scoring shootout. However, a few minutes before half time Adam Neill put in a low cross for a nice calm finish from Craig Archer. That was about it for the first half.

Early in the second half St Columb’s came out and got a quick equaliser, which made the rest of the match an interesting encounter.

PC were disappointed as goalkeeper David Walsh couldn’t carry on, coming off as a result of the injury he had picked up early in the first half. Adam Neill stepped into goal and proceeded to finish the match between the sticks.

Unfortunately, PC conceded another goal but the players did not lose hope and quickly bounced back with a lovely low driven shot from Harry Anderson. Things were tight as St Columb’s started to put on the pressure and took their chances by scoring another to put them 4-3 in front.

With the match coming to an end PC just couldn’t find the equaliser until the dying seconds when it came from a long strike from Dane McCullough. The referee blew the final whistle and extra time beckoned plus penalties if needed.

As extra time began, St Columb’s started the stronger of the two teams and scored from a nicely placed free kick. PC didn’t give up and scored quickly after with a half volley from Harry Anderson for his hat-trick to make the score 5-5. The second half of extra time saw good defending from both teams, as PC made a tactical switch for the penalties and Jack Scott stepped up and went into goal.


Penalties were frustrating for both teams but two good penalty saves from Jack Scott gave PC hope. Sadly, it just wasn’t PC’s day, beaten 8-7 on penalties after a roller-coaster match that showcased PC footballing talent.

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