AS Travel and Tourism Fieldtrip to UFTM

On Thursday 8th September twenty two year 13 pupils, Mrs Irwin and Miss Rafferty headed north-east to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra, Co. Down.

The UFTM fieldtrip is one of two trips undertaken by Year 13 Travel and Tourism students to assist them with their portfolio.  The aim of the fieldtrip is to evaluate the customer service offered by a tourism attraction.  The pupils achieve their aim by surveying members of staff and by recording their own experience of the attraction.

The trip began with an interesting and informative talk by two members of the HR Team.  They described how they aim to have excellent customer service for visitors and colleagues alike.

The talk was followed by one of the highlights of the trip- a dramatic performance by “Sally Jenkins”. Sally, the wife of a Harland and Wolff worker, described her life in 1914.

Pupils then surveyed the attraction, completed their questionnaires and enjoyed exploring the museum’s exhibits!

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