Yr 11 Public Speaking Competition June 27th 2019

The annual Yr 11 Public Speaking competition took place on June 27th.

Nine teams battled for the coveted chocs awarded to the victors. The speeches revealed a diversity of opinions on a range of topics such as heathy eating, the pay gap between males and females, the myth of gender inequality and animal testing. Like last year, delivery, research and audience rapport were excellent throughout.

The winning team was Anna McBurney, Marianna Neill and Abby Mardell, with runners up Dylan Martin, Amy Ritchie and Lewis Poots.

Best Speaker was Jay Percival with his reflections on “negativity bias” or why older people find change difficult. Best Chairperson was Dylan Martin while Best Expresser of Thanks was Lewis Poots.

We were delighted to welcome Vivien Lundy from the Soroptimist Society to adjudicate.
Unbelievably weather conditions were exactly the same as last year: Mrs Murphy’s dash to Asda for lolly treats for everyone looks set to become a tradition!