Portadown College Students view the Solar Eclipse.

From around 8.30am on Friday 20th March a group of students at Portadown College gathered to watch the solar eclipse.  Armed with “Eclipse Shades”, pinhole cameras and other equipment a total of about 100 students were wowed by the once in a generation event.  During an amazing 45 minutes the sun could be seen gradually being covered by the disc of the moon.

Mrs Wilson, Head of Physics and Astronomy in the school said, “We were so lucky to be able to see the sun through the light cloud and sometimes with no cloud cover at all.  The forecast had not predicted that at all, the BBC weather said ‘thick cloud’, but I am so thrilled the pupils got to see this.”

In the middle of the group of students were the pupils studying GCSE astronomy.  Anna Skelton, who will be doing her GCSE exams this year said, “It was really amazing to see this celestial event.  We’ve been doing the subject for nearly two years and to see the theory in action was brilliant.”  Adam Reed said, “This was only a partial eclipse but it was absolutely terrific to watch, we won’t get to see this in the UK for a long time.”

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