PC’s debaters enjoyed their final face-off at their annual House Debate on Wednesday 2nd May, chaired authoritatively by Matthew Walsh and adjudicated with good humour by Principal Mr Harper.

The competition kicked off with a motion addressing the gender pay gap, seeing Shillington’s Kiara McClelland and Amy Boyce’s Proposition win the argument over a very passionate Joanna Kerr who spoke for the opposition.

Josh Quinn and Matthew Wilson proposed the West’s intervention in the East facing stiff competition from Year 11 Seale speakers Alanna Cahoon and Callum Douglas.

The competition ended characteristically with a light-hearted motion as Viggo Stanzack and Beth Preston proposed that the earth was in fact flat! This initiated a lively discussion complete with visual aids against the very competent opposing team of Nye Crozier and Emily Monroe.

Adjudications from Mr Harper commended Kiara McClelland as the “most compelling” speaker winning Best Speaker, with Nye Crozier, Viggo Stanzack and Seale duo Alanna Cahoon and Callum Douglas winning Best Debater, Best Proposition and Best Opposition respectively.

While Shillington’s team of Kiara McClelland and Amy Boyce earned the Best Team award, it was the Seale debaters who argued their way to overall victory at the House Debate.

Thanks go to Mr Harper for adjudicating the debates, to Mr Wright for organising the event and to Jonathan Reid as timekeeper.

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