Year 11 boys Paul Reader and Mark Grant were hiking in the Mournes with 1st Tandragee Scouts for their Diamond Award when they discovered a seriously injured man near to Bloody Bridge.

The casualty had broken his ankle and couldn’t move.  As there was no phone signal, Paul ran down the mountain to alert the Mountain Rescue Service, before returning to the scene to assist the other scouts as they created a splint using the back supports from their rucksacks.

Having supported the injured man’s leg, they then proceeded to create a makeshift stretcher from their rucksacks, unto which they rolled the casualty.  Halfway down the mountain they were relieved to meet the paramedics, who were impressed with their quick thinking in caring for their casualty while accessing help.

Portadown College are delighted to have such fine Scouts in their school community, exemplifying the College motto:  Fortiter et Humaniter (with courage and courtesy).

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