Portadown College celebrated the outstanding successes of our students at Prize Day on 27th October, welcoming Cannon Mark Russell, Chief Executive of the Church Army as guest of honour.


 Principal Mr Harper paid tribute to the hard work carried out by our Board of Governors and staff, both teaching and non-teaching: “Your commitment, tenacity and dedication to securing the best interests of our young people is vital in the successes celebrated here this afternoon. My heartfelt thanks to one and all.”

Mr Harper further applauded PC students: “Our students are terrific young people; particularly talented, creative, considerate and good humoured, they have massive ability and potential without ever being tainted by arrogance or inflated self-worth. Simply put, they are wonderfully decent young people. They contribute so much to the terrific atmosphere which exists in the College. It remains a genuine pleasure and honour to work both for and with them, as affirmed by our District Inspector, who described our students as “very capable” and “excellent ambassadors for the College””.

Mr Harper’s speech concluded with the following advice for students:

“Success in any field of life can be achieved through three things. Three simple letters: AIB (other banks are available).

A: Attitude; a “can do” and positive approach to everything.

I: Industry; anything truly worthwhile requires hard work, regardless of ability.

B: Behaviour; call this strength of character, kindness, alongside courage and courtesy. “Fortiter et Humaniter”, if you will.”

Guest of Honour Cannon Mark Russell had written in correspondence to PC :  “Portadown College, without question, changed my life. The quality of teaching stretched me, the care and love of the teachers affirmed me, and the ethos of the school enveloped me. I loved going to school, I made friends who have lasted a lifetime and I missed PC hugely when I left.”  He further added: “I hope in a small way my life is a cameo of how PC changes the lives of young people and sets them on a trajectory to make a difference in the world. I wish you and the remarkable school you lead every success in the years to come

This was reiterated in his speech, stating “I wanted to make a difference:  you can make a difference too.”

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