PC public speakers have talked their way to the Business and Professional Women’s Public Speaking Competition National Finals in England.

Both of the Portadown College Public Speaking teams who made it through to the regional BPW NI Finals on Saturday displayed flair and excellence, taking home the top prizes, winning first and second places.

Team 1 with Tim Neill, Katherine Whitten and Alex Maxwell came first; progressing to the National Final on 25th March, with Tim Neill presented Best Chairman.

Katherine Whitten defended the right to freedom of conscience, tackling the topically controversial ruling on Asher’s bakery, supported by Tim Neill as Chairman and Alex Maxwell as Expresser of Thanks.

Team 2 with Kiara McClelland, Sophie Heasley and Joanna Kerr were placed runners-up with Sophie Heasley awarded best Expresser of Thanks.  Joanna Kerr delivered an emotive evaluation of the refugee crisis with team mates Kiara McClelland as Chairman and Sophie Heasley as Expresser of Thanks.


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