Congratulations to all of our students on their significant attainment.  Read about some of our notable achievements:

A level

Josh Ruddell who achieved 4 A*s in A2 Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry is looking forward to pursuing the study of  medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast.

7 students achieved a combination of 4 A*s and A grades:  Andrew Carrick, James Cunningham, Mary Jenkinson, Jill McDowell, Jordan Montgomery, Michael Quin,  Leanna Topley

13 students achieved a combination of 3 A* and A grades:  Zoe Burns, Myfanwy Carville, Cassie Flack, Rebekah Graham, Nicole Hamilton, Jasmin Henderson, Megan Henry, Anna Hunter,  Hollie Le Cheminant, Neil Reilly, Melissa Robertson, Nathan Rutherford, Michelle Trouton

AS level

Ryan Davison achieved 5As

8 students achieved 4As:  Jonathan Farrell, Jayne Fenton, Sarah Gawley, Matthew Haugh, Amber Kemp, Josh Mathers, Sarah O’Reilly, Kaitlin Whyte

12 students achieved 3As:  Toby Bonny, Celine Brown, Sarah Crowe, Lauren Edwards, Jessie Kernaghan, Sam Shepherd, Reece Somerville, Beth Stewart, Adam Thornbury, Amanda Topping, Ryan Uprichard, Iris Wong


GCSE Success

3  students were awarded 10A*s: Claire Carswell, Rachel Griffin, Hannah Meredith

11 students were awarded a combination of 10 As and A*s:  Katie Bell, Reuben Brown, Tom Freeburn, Stewart Hodgen, Gabija Kleimenovaite, Lucy McMahon, Bethany Proctor, John Russell, Emma Topley, Katie Topley, Ross Wilson

11 students were awarded a combination of 9 As and A*s:   Sarah Cadden, James Carrick, Taylor Davis, Gomes Ribeiro Ivan, Matthew Greer, Naomi Hamilton, Peter Morrow, Abigail Scott, Carrie Symington, Zac Wilson, Emma-Jayne Wright

5 students were awarded a combination of 8 As and A*s:  Shania Black, Lucy Currie, Miriam Henry, Chloe Jenkins, Amy McConville

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