PC Journalism Club students became working journalists for the day on 1st March when they produced and recorded a radio package for BBC School Report on board the BBC Bus about supporting the well-being of young people in Portadown College.

Portadown College recently brought local mentoring charity Reach on board to support students in their everyday lives.  Reach is an organisation that exists to mentor and help young people to unleash their potential, currently partnering with 17 schools in the Craigavon area.

Matthew Walsh interviewed Reach volunteer Johnny Hampton finding out a little bit about Reach:  their origins, purpose and programme.

With Johnny was Zoe Davison who was in one of the first classes to work with the Reach team in Lurgan.  Hollie Teggart interviewed Zoe about how Reach helped her to cope with the struggles she had as a young person.

Adam Hewitt, Kiara Stothers and  Kirsty Buller were hands on throughout the day recording vox pops for the package, while Amy Cosgrove, Hannah Ashley and  Gemma Davies became professionals in the Voice Over department.

You can listen here.

Upon completion of the project, the BBC staff assisted our on-site Year 11 cameraman Phillip Shirley and Journalists as the PC Journalists recorded an additional audio visual news package relating to the consequences of listening to music through headphones.

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