PC Careers hosted an Almac Afternoon where students listened to a variety of talks about careers in the various fields in Almac provided insight for Year 11 students about a range of careers here in our local community.

STEM Subject specialisms included Chemistry with Frank Burkamp, Senior Investigator, Almac Discovery and Claire Plunkett, Senior Analytical Chemist, Almac Sciences. Biology was covered by Gemma Logan, Senior Product Manager,  Almac Diagnostic Services.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Graham, Senior Configuration/SQA Engineer, Information Services, Almac Group and Melanie Hipson, Manager, Clinical Project Services, Almac Clinical Technologies opened the window on IT opportunities.

Darren McCrellis, Technical Leader, Almac Pharma Services accompanied by Frances Weldon, STEM Outreach Manager, Almac Group explained the area of Quality which could also appeal to students from arts and humanities backgrounds.

This event is part of Year 11 Careers Week in the College which encourages students to research career pathways.