Portadown College Dramatic Society’s staging of George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’ saw budding thespians demonstrate that drama is alive and well at PC.

Lily McClatchey as Eliza Doolittle (the common flower girl turned lady) enthralled the audience with a convincing performance, augmented with songs from the musical ‘My Fair Lady’. Her witty engagements with phonetics expert Professor Higgins played by Matthew Walsh, not to mention the memorable bath scene kept the audience on the edge of their seats. With Jordan Parks as Colonel Pickering, Jonathan Reid as Alfred Doolittle, Ellie Currie as Mrs Pearce and Emma Brown as the very wise Mrs Higgins, the cast brought to life a classic play, complete with irony intended. With an ensemble of aspiring younger actors and accomplished musical additions, the play certainly entertained.

A special word for commendation must go to Year 11 student Chloe Cust who stepped in to play a very accomplished Nepommuck at the ninth hour. From posture to accent, Chloe convincingly created this memorable character.

Thanks must go to the teachers who produced and directed the play: Miss Curry, Mrs Press and Mrs Kane for an excellent production that cast students aptly for their roles, showcasing their talents.

Thanks also goes to Mr R Black who built the set, and to the Art department who painted it.