The Inter-House Debate took place on Wednesday 10th April in the school Assembly Hall. Topics for debate included the disappearance of Madeline McCann, a lowering of the voting age and whether there is life on other planets. In a ‘close encounter’ and despite each House winning a debate, it was MacCallum who eventually triumphed and took home the coveted Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Debating will return in the new academic year.

House MacCallum
Beth Preston
Megan Hewitt
Joanna Kerr
Viggo Stanczak

House Seale
Nathan Capper
Nye Crozier
Alana Cahoon
Rachel Telford

House Shillington
Agne Bielskyte
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Wilson
Danielle Weir

Debate Facilitators

Emily Monroe
Ellie Currie
Jonathan Reid