Students involved will represent the interest of students throughout the College, with individuals taking on different roles and responsibilities as follows:

CHAIR – Tim Neill is the spokesperson for SV and ensures that the SV delivers for the students.

SECRETARY –  Grace Glasgow manages all administrative tasks within SV including the minutes of committee meetings and any correspondence.

Public Relations Officer – Zoe Managh liaises with Mrs Murphy (teacher in charge of Publicity) for all press issues (newspapers, radio and television) when it comes to School Council business.

EVENTS MANAGER – Emma Dougan is responsible for drawing up action plans for the implementation of activities being run in the school.

CREATIVE ARTIST – Rebecca Jones shares ideas and develops resources for SV initiatives.

The Student Voice represents all year groups as follows:

Year 11
Nathan Whaley

Year 12
Eve Lowry
Kayleigh McCluskey
Daniel Moorcroft

Year 13
Sarah Campbell
Molly Gordon
Nikitta Hynes
Zoe Managh – PRO
Helen Mullen
Tim Neill – CHAIR
Kirsty Rae

Year 14
Grace Glasgow – SECRETARY
Connor McCleery
Laura Rowntree
Katie Wilson

Year 14 Post 18 Pathways Parent Information available on website under Students- CEIAG and Parents -Policies