Students involved will represent the interest of students throughout the College, with individuals taking on different roles and responsibilities as follows:

CHAIR – Tim Neill is the spokesperson for SV and ensures that the SV delivers for the students.

SECRETARY –  Grace Glasgow manages all administrative tasks within SV including the minutes of committee meetings and any correspondence.

Public Relations Officer – Zoe Managh liaises with Mrs Murphy (teacher in charge of Publicity) for all press issues (newspapers, radio and television) when it comes to School Council business.

EVENTS MANAGER – Emma Dougan is responsible for drawing up action plans for the implementation of activities being run in the school.

CREATIVE ARTIST – Rebecca Jones shares ideas and develops resources for SV initiatives.

The Student Voice represents all year groups as follows:

Year 11
Nathan Whaley

Year 12
Eve Lowry
Kayleigh McCluskey
Daniel Moorcroft

Year 13
Sarah Campbell
Molly Gordon
Nikitta Hynes
Zoe Managh – PRO
Helen Mullen
Tim Neill – CHAIR
Kirsty Rae

Year 14
Grace Glasgow – SECRETARY
Connor McCleery
Laura Rowntree
Katie Wilson

Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2020 New Year 11 Information Enquiries regarding new Year 11 Admission September 2020 can be made by phoning the College Office (9:30am - 2:00pm) daily.