Congratulations to the Year 11 Journalism class who took part in BBC School Report.

The project began in earnest when the BBC visited the school on 23rd February, bringing a team of journalists and technical experts who helped students to produce, film and take part in their class production of a documentary about the place of religion in school.

On 3rd March, Year 11 students Nye Crozier and Rosie Johnson with the help of a BBC cameraman recorded an interview with Ireland Rugby Captain and PC former student Rory Best for BBC School Report.  This interview featured on both the BBC Sport homepage and BBC NI homepage.

Following a screen testing and interview techniques workshop with the BBC on 28th January, Year 11 Journalism students Nathan Capper and Dale Mulligan were selected to take part in NI BBC School Report live broadcast on Live News Day 10th March.  Nathan took on the role of continuity presenter, presenting news updates throughout the programme, while Dale presented the sports news which included our own news package about Rory Best, filmed at Portadown College.

The BBC has awarded them certificates to mark their achievement in producing relevant and informative news items for BBC School Report.

Click here to see the Live News Programme

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