On Thursday 11th October our class was visited by professionals Richard Gordon and Niall Mooney from JAM Media for a script-writing workshop with the end goal of pitching a children’s animated TV show.

JAM Media has worked on hit shows such as Roy and Becca’s Bunch, so we were ecstatic to hear about how an idea can become a hit show. They showed us a reel of their work and went on to explain how an upcoming kid’s cartoon, The Slimefoots was created and the process of developing the show from its original idea.

We were then set with the puzzling task of pitching our very own cartoon. Our class split into three groups and got busy with our ideas.

Our group brainstormed Rory & Rover, a cartoon about a mischievous young moon citizen who finds herself stranded on Mars with martians. Character design was a critical aspect of the task, so we had to draw some funny-looking designs for Rory, her best robot-dog pal Rover, and the menacing alien Doctor Schnobb. Annalise got busy with the storyboards and Katie and Grace continued drafting different looks for each character with Anna and Alex focussing on the design for the lovable titular dog Rover. As it all started to come together, we were told by JAM Media team that we only had a few minute. The time pressure was immense and we hurried to produce our mini-pitch as a team.

When time was up we were called together to present our ideas to the JAM Media team – starting with Bobby’s Book, then proceeding to Simon the Shark and lastly to our group’s idea Rory & Rover. After awkwardly shambling together our mini-pitch to the JAM Media team, they took us through what makes a good pitch and chose the best pitch- Bobby’s Book! Congrats!

Niall and Richard liked the creativity and world-building that our mini-pitch had but we were criticised for our serialised approach which would eventually mean the show had to end, thus meaning less episodes. This taught us a lot about what to take into consideration if we were to enter this field of work in the future.

Our journalism class thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we learnt a lot about what is expected from the media industry!

Grace Hynds, Year 12.

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