Wednesday 27th April saw the Battle of the Houses conclude with the House Debating Competition.

Jessica Peters of Seale proposed the motion for the first debate: “This House believes that the United Kingdom is stronger within the EU”, followed up by Jenny Douglas. This was opposed by confident Year 11 duo Christopher Thornbury (Shillington) and Nye Crozier (Seale) debating on behalf of MacCallum. The House voted in favour of leaving the EU and so the motion was defeated.

Kicking off the second debate was Matthew Walsh (Year 11) of Shillington, proposing the motion “This House believes Junior Doctors in the NHS are underpaid”, seconded by Amy Boyce of Year 12.  Year 13 student Conor McCleery opposed, keeping the audience well entertained with Matthew and Amy doing very well to keep up with his quick witted remarks.  After an interesting round of questions from the House, its members voted showing their almost undisputed support for Junior Doctors and therefore the motion was carried.

The final and certainly most controversial debate “This House believes that Donald Trump WOULD make America great again!” was proposed by Sarah Taylor (Year 14) of Shillington.  Sarah urged us to look past the infamy that the media so often portrays, and to look instead at Trump’s alleged political strengths. Backed up by strong speaker Kiara McClelland of Year 12, they argued the case for the man who Kiara so humorously concluded “most certainly would not win a Hair competiton”.  Year 12 students representing Seale, Nikita Murphy and Sophie Hill opposed the motion with great conviction. They spoke of the unpredictable nature surrounding Trump, further explaining how a man of his reputation should never be allowed in a seat of power. The House voted unanimously in favour of the opposition and thus defeated the motion.

Adjudicator, PGCE Religious Studies student Mr Chris Boyd commended the speakers and awarded prizes for ‘Best Debater’ and ‘Best Speaker’. Best Speaker was won by Matthew Walsh of Year 11 (Shillington) and Best Debater was won and shared by Sophie Hill (Seale) and Kiara McClleland (Shillington) both of Year 12.

As for the victorious House?  This year’s victors were Shillington led by by House Captain Sarah Taylor. Seale were Runners Up, leaving MacCallum unfortunately in third place.

Thanks go to the Chair Tim Neill, ably assisted by Time-keeper Helen Kane, organiser Callum Best and adjudicator Chris Boyd.

Callum Best                  

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