Subject Team

Mr A Grant (Head of Department)
Mr A Symington

Department Aims

By studying Learning for Life and Work students will develop:

  • The means to follow a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study
  • The ability to explore the challenges and opportunities that personal, social, cultural, political and economic issues pose in society.
  • As individuals and contributors to society, the economy and the environment.
  • An understanding of the variety of attitudes, needs and perspectives that exist in their own and other communities, both locally and globally.
  • The skills they need to think independently make informed decisions and take appropriate action in relation to personal, social, economic and employment issues.


GCSE Learning for Life & Work

Examination Board: CCEA

What is GCSE Learning for Life & Work about?

This course is aimed at students who have in interest in developing key life skills, who enjoy group work and active learning and the completion of projects based on individual and group research.

This course provides students with the skills they require to think independently, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action when faced with personal, social, economic and employment issues.

What will I study and how will I be assessed?

Unit 1: Local and

Global Citizenship

External written examination

1 hour


Unit 2: Personal


External written examination

1 hour


Unit 3: EmployabilityExternal written examination

1 hour


Unit 4: Controlled

Assessment Task


Students complete one task from a choice of three. The task is

based on investigating a topic in one of the following units:

1. Local and Global Citizenship;

2. Personal Development; or

3. Employability.




What can this subject lead to?

Whilst there is no A level in this subject, a number of areas relate to other subjects such as Government and Politics (from Citizenship), Health and Social Care (from aspects of personal development) and Business Studies (from Employability).

There is a large focus on key transferable skills such as working with others, communication, literacy and use of ICT involved in the subject as well as skills in money management and preparation for the world of work.

A Level

A level is unavailable

Department News / Events

Young Enterprise Interactive Event for Year 11 Students

On Monday 26th June, all Year 11 students took part in the Young Enterprise Personal Economics programme as part of the statutory provision for Learning for Life and Work that all students are required to cover.

This interactive event hosted by Young Enterprise focused on money management and career planning.


Tesco managers pay visit to Portadown College as part of Employability investigation 

For the past two years Portadown College has developed a relationship with the Tesco Extra store in Craigavon. As part of their Learning for Life Controlled Assessment Year 12 students investigated the duty of care employers have for career progression. Tesco very kindly facilitated this by sending a number of their management team to be “grilled” by our students about the opportunities for career development in one the country’s largest employers.

IMG_6776 tesco LLW

Educational Visits / Trips

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