Subject Team

Subject Team:

Mr N R Quaile
Head of Department/Teacher of CEIAG

Mrs J Coen
Deputy Head of Department/Teacher of CEIAG

Miss S Gowing
Teacher of CEIAG


Related Staff:

Heads of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, ICT, Geography, Maths & TD
Chaired by Head of CEIAG


Department Aims


  • To develop in young people knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the range of study and work options available to them.
  • To develop understanding of how their career can be managed throughout their working lives.
  • To enable students to become good communicators, develop research skills and to understand the outcomes of their decisions and actions.
  • To develop an inquiring mind.
  • To develop skills in acquiring information and use it to support informed decisions.
  • To use sources of information critically and in context.
  • To develop skills in literacy, information technology and numeracy.
  • To develop skills of critical independent thinking.


Students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to draw conclusions and make informed decisions through the selection and application of appropriate knowledge and understanding.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of differing options and pathways, and in the light of these be able to reach informed decisions at key transition points.
  • Develop transferable skills, useful in other subjects, for tertiary education and in the world of work.

To facilitate such aims and objectives, the department will aim: 

  • To adopt a wide range of teaching styles and strategies in order to motivate students and arouse interest.
  • To foster supportive relationships within the classroom where students feel valued and as a result take pride in their work.
  • To monitor all students’ work and when necessary report to Pastoral Year Heads and SENCO on the needs of individuals.
  • To review schemes and resources regularly.
  • To provide students with opportunities to go on open days, attend conventions and visits and listen to visiting speakers whenever appropriate.
  • To encourage all members of the department to develop their own professional skills.
  • To forge strong links between home and school, generating a sense of cooperation.

Department News / Events

PC hosts an ALMAC Stem Careers Event

PC Careers hosted an Almac Afternoon where students listened to a variety of talks about careers in the various fields in Almac provided insight for Year 11 students about a range of careers here in our local community.

STEM Subject specialisms included Chemistry with Frank Burkamp, Senior Investigator, Almac Discovery and Claire Plunkett, Senior Analytical Chemist, Almac Sciences. Biology was covered by Gemma Logan, Senior Product Manager,  Almac Diagnostic Services.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Graham, Senior Configuration/SQA Engineer, Information Services, Almac Group and Melanie Hipson, Manager, Clinical Project Services, Almac Clinical Technologies opened the window on IT opportunities.

Darren McCrellis, Technical Leader, Almac Pharma Services accompanied by Frances Weldon, STEM Outreach Manager, Almac Group explained the area of Quality which could also appeal to students from arts and humanities backgrounds.

This event is part of Year 11 Careers Week in the College which encourages students to research career pathways.

Educational Visits / Trips

The CEIAG Department organises a wide range of trips and visits for students throughout the academic year.  The following are just some examples:

  • QUB & UU open days
  • Local business visits for career specific insights, e.g. ALMAC
  • Stranmillis open day
  • UCAS Convention
  • Craigavon Hospital Medical Symposium
  • Range of STEM related visits


Year 11: 

Theme 1: (LLW core module): Local & Global Economy
Theme 2: (LLW core module): Rights & Responsibilities in the workplace
Theme 3: (CEIAG module): Post-16 Options

CSNI Key Stage 4/5 transition talk

Year 12:

Theme 1: (CEIAG module): Personal Career Planning & CEIAG Research
Theme 2: (LLW core module): Recruitment & Selection Procedures
Theme 3: (LLW core module): Self-Employment

Individual CEIAG interviews with CSNI

Year 13:

Theme 1: What Employers Want
Theme 2: Skills & Qualities Audit & Career Matching
Theme 3: Labour Market Information & CEIAG Decision Making
Theme 4: Work Shadow and Importance of Experience
Theme 5: CEIAG Target Setting & Action Planning
Theme 6: Post-18 Options & CEIAG Research
Theme 7: Further Education & Study Abroad
Theme 8: Higher Education
Theme 9: The Application Process & Personal Statements

Individual CEIAG interviews with CSNI/Head of CEIAG by self-referral

Year 14:

Theme 1: Completing Applications: Further & Higher Education
Theme 2: Interview Skills
Theme 3: Money Sense & Student Finance
Theme 4: Preparing for Life after School
Theme 5: Job Hunting & Applications

Individual CEIAG interviews with CSNI/Head of CEIAG by self-referral


Department for the Economy Careers Service.


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