Portadown College Play 2016

Portadown College Dramatic Society presents…

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

 All my pupils are the crème de la crème.

 This year’s school play at the College was Jay Presson Allen’s dramatization of the novel by Muriel Spark which was made famous in 1969 when Maggie Smith won an Oscar for her portrayal of the title role.

When a maverick schoolmistress in a conservative school in Edinburgh in the 1930s is in her prime, the classroom can take on a new identity and no one can predict what will happen.  Jean Brodie tries to cultivate the interests of her ‘gels’ with exposure to opera and art but also introduces them to what she perceives to be the advantages of Fascism.

Miss Brodie’s prime and fall was vividly portrayed by Evie Symington in Year14 who dominated the stage and created spectacle with her wide array of colourful dresses.  Her ‘Elite Pupils’ whom she favoured with privileges were superbly cast, from Katherine Whitten as the brooding Sandy to Holly Keery as the rather unfortunate Mary McGregor.

With the amazing and talented cast starring Evie Symington as Miss Jean Brodie and other main performers including Katherine Whitten, Kay Douglas, Matthew Walsh, Tim Neill, Thomas Frampton, Kerry Black, Juliette Roberts, Helen Kane, Holly Keery and Alex Maxwell, this was a must see for all college students and parents.  There certainly was something for everyone:  a love triangle pitting Thomas Frampton as art teacher Teddy Lloyd against novice music teacher Gordon Lowther played by Tim Neill; comedy moments often provided by the titular character; engaging journalism as American journalist played by Matthew Walsh sought to get to the heart of Sister Helena’s (played by Kay Douglas) story.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

By Hollie Teggart Year 11

Photos by Philip Shirley, Year 11

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