Portadown College Board of Governors has over the years recognised the lack of investment in physical infrastructure for the 14-year-old plus controlled post primary sector in the Craigavon area. Hence the Board of Governors has welcomed the efforts of the Education Authority to recognise the deficient facilities that have existed at the Craigavon Senior High School Lurgan campus and address these in a sustainable manner.

The Board of Governors of Portadown College has considered and reviewed the Education Authority’s Consultation Document in relation to the publication of a development proposal.  This proposal states that ‘Craigavon Senior High School will operate on a single site, 26-34 Lurgan Road, Portadown, with effect from 1st September 2020, or as soon as possible thereafter’.

The College Board of Governors recognises that the Governors of Craigavon Senior High School support the Education Authority’s preferred option of relocating the pupils from the Lurgan campus to the Portadown campus. It notes the urgent issues at the Lurgan campus site, the need to provide the breadth of Key Stage 4 curriculum required by the students of the Craigavon Senior High School Lurgan campus and the age 14 system of education.

Governors of Portadown College are mindful of the educational needs of these young people and are confident that the Governors of the Craigavon Senior High School have made their decision to support the Education Authority preferred option to operate on a single site in the interests of those students who reside in the Lurgan area.

Accordingly, the Board of Governors of the Portadown College support and endorse the views of the Governors of Craigavon Senior High School to support the Education Authority in an effort to ensure that educational pathways are provided and this system of education in the Craigavon area of Northern Ireland is enhanced.”

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