At all levels: A Level AS Level and GCSE , students have raised the bar and recorded significant improvements.  Most impressively, this has been a bumper year for A* grades at GCSE, with a host of students gaining a full suite of A* and A grades.

2017 PC Results Hall of Fame…..

4As at AS Level (10 in total)

Sara Martins, Ryan Crory, Luke Harvey, Sophie Hill, Faith Jenkinson, Clare McKernan, Katie Neill, Tim Neill, Andrew Porter, Samuel Robinson

3As at AS Level (13 in total)

Ross Gilmore, Rebecca Jones, Stephen Liggett, Ethan Mann, Alexandra Maxwell, Leah Gracey, Kiara McClelland, Lauren McKinney, Alesha Doyle, Kris Calvert, Molly Gordon, Harry Kirkwood, Lucy Millsopp

10A*s at GCSE (3 in total)

Sabrina Greenaway, Emma Lewis, Matthew Vennard

10 A*/As at GCSE (20 in total)

Zoe Alhadeff, Caleb Collins, Poppy Davis, Peter Douglas, Sarah Herron, Rosie Johnson, Georgia Lavery, Rebekah Lee, Eve Lowry, Kayleigh McCluskey, Elliott McKew, Megan McMurdie, Emily Monroe, Sarah Nelson, Amy Proctor, Lucy Stevenson, Katie Turner, Hannah Vogan, Victoria Watson, Leah Weir

9 A*/As at GCSE (11 in total)

Leah Badger, Alex Chan-Taylor, Shannon Cheng, Charlotte Ferguson, Joanna Kerr, Peter McAdam, Amy McClatchey, Ben McKinney, Daniel Moorcroft, Gemma Stewart, Alex Wallace

8 A*/As at GCSE ( 17 in total)

Calum Coert, Alexandra Conn, Thomas Cuthbert, Mark Farrell, Emma Greer, Patrick Hammond, Jordan Lewis, Davan McCann, Lucy McKimm, Matthew Parr, Kerrie Ruddell, Angela Sagayno, Bea Soriano, Harry Stevenson, Chris Thornbury, Naomi Todd, Jodie Vance

7A*/As at GCSE (11 in total)

Jade Boyd, Jacob Hall, Zara Holden, Stephanie Humphreys, Zach McCreery, Dylan Nelson, Tara Ozgen, Hannah Porter, Aimee Todd, Scarlett Willsher, Martynas Zukovas

Well done not only to these high achievers but to all our students who secured positive outcomes in their examinations.

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