Our Year 11 biologists have entered the British Biology Challenge competition along with the top biologists throughout the UK. The Biology Challenge tests pupils’ knowledge of biology and stimulates their enthusiasm for the natural world. In total, 32,500 students from across the UK competed and 9,500 certificates were awarded to students.

The successful students pictured are:

Gold Award:
David Mulholland

Silver Award:
Katie Armstrong
Beth Brown
Nathan Douglas
Ross Gilmore
Luke Harvey
Faith Jenkinson
Roman Lichnovsky
Katie Neill
Tim Neill
Ryan Porter
Lee-Ann Shek

Bronze Award:
Sammy Buckley
Alesha Doyle
Rebecca Jones
Lauren Shirley
James Waugh

Highly Commended Award:
Ashley Cole
Natalie Greer
Sara Martins
Caleb Scott
Philip Stothers

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