Six of our students, Rheanna Ashe, Jodie Vance, Bea Soriano, Cameron Kerr, Leah Cromwell and Amy McFarland showcased two films admired by top professionals in the industry. 

These six students produced two outstanding short films titled ‘Unhinged’ and ‘Fumes’. They all enjoyed working in a team with students from schools all over the Armagh area. They used professional equipment, excellent locations, and professional actors and actresses. This scheme runs over six months and students attend once per week to enjoy masterclasses with local professionals. This included Enda Kenny (Costume and Production), Damien Elliot (Cinematographer), Simon Joel (animator), Martin Malarkey (Chief Examiner Moving Image Art), Mik Duffy (Scriptwriter), and Michael McBroom (Director).

Guest speakers at the event were Darren Fee (Assistant Director) and his wife Leon McGeown-Fee. This couple have worked on films such as ‘Zoo’, Disney Channel show ‘The Lodge’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. They gave the students a practical insight into working in the industry and even offered work placements for the students in order to build on their experience. Watch out for these two short films!