A capacity audience were treated to three lively debates last Wednesday:

  1. This house believes that MLAs should work together or get out!
  2. This house believes that marriage is not the business of the state
  3. This house believes that millennial music rocks baby!

Best Proposition: Kiara McClelland  and Amy Boyce

Best Opposition: Matthew Walsh and Connor Brown

Best Speaker: Kiara McClelland

Best Response to Questions: Joanna Kerr

Best House:
Third place: Seale – Sophie Hill, Lucy Millsopp, Hollie Teggart, Thomas Frampton

Second: Macallum – Sophie Heasley, Helen Mullen, Joanna Kerr, Viggo Stanczac

First place: Shillington – Kiara McClelland, Amy Boyce, Matthew Walsh, Connor Brown

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