Students are expected to take pride in their appearance and to ensure that their uniform is worn properly at all times, including on the way to and from College and on any occasion when representing the College.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times, with the top button fastened and tie done up.  Skirts must be worn just below the knee.


A plain dark coat (grey, blue or black), anorak, fleece or PC sports outdoor jacket are acceptable.  Denim jackets and hoodies etc. are not allowed.  Only plain black shoes are acceptable and they should be clean and polished.  Trainers of any kind are not permitted other than for PE classes and in cases of medical need.  Other accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves must be grey, blue or black.  Boys’ socks should be grey or black.  Girls should wear black opaque tights.  Students must wear the appropriate school kit for all games activities and travelling to or from games or sporting fixtures.


Hairstyles should be tidy, neat and acceptable to the College.  Unacceptable hairstyles are those which take away from the appearance of the College uniform and detract from the good name of the College in the community.  Extreme styles are not acceptable.  Students are permitted to colour their hair but we do not accept the use of unnatural colours nor will we accept multi-coloured styles which go beyond the normal limits of highlighting.  If in doubt, check with a Vice Principal or Year Head before having your hair styled.  Make-up must be unobtrusive and if nail varnish is used it must be clear polish only.

All boys must be clean-shaven.


The only jewellery permitted is a watch, ring and unobtrusive stud earrings (one in each ear lobe).  Large rings which can be deemed to be dangerous may not be worn.  With the exception of one pair of stud earrings (see above), we do not permit the wearing of jewellery which involves body piercing.  Such jewellery raises concerns about health and safety and is not in keeping with the good appearance of the College uniform.  Students may not, therefore, wear studs or rings around the ear or in the nose, tongue, eyebrow etc. at any time.  We do not permit such jewellery to remain in place until a hole has healed, nor do we permit the use of piercing retainers.


Badges, wristbands, emblems or any other paraphernalia which are deemed by College as likely to cause offence or detract from the good appearance of the College uniform may not be worn.


Students are also expected to wear full College uniform when attending external examination sessions and full College uniform when in College for any reason during study leave and INSET days.  This reduces security problems and makes it easier to identify unauthorised visitors.


Failure to observe the above rules will result in a Tuesday lunch-time detention.  Repeat offences may warrant a more robust sanction.


Students who are not properly dressed and whose appearance does not meet College standards will be subject to College disciplinary procedures and sanctions, which may include being sent home.  The acceptability of uniform, hairstyles, jewellery and make-up is determined by the senior staff in the College.


If a temporary change from regulation College uniform has to be made, a written explanation of the reason should be provided by parents/carers to the Group Tutor.