School Curriculum

The curriculum offered by Portadown College to every student is balanced and broadly based, reflecting the needs, interests and aptitudes of individual students and the needs of our economy. The College respects the right of parents and students who wish to withdraw from collective worship. An appropriate emphasis is placed on Games, Physical Education, Careers Education and Personal and Social Development through the curriculum and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer in the school.

Key Stage 4 Year 11

Students entering Year 11 in September 2015 will study 10 subjects leading to GCSE awards at the end of Year 12.

Compulsory Subjects / Option Subjects

*Agriculture and Land Use
Art & Design
*Business Studies
*Computer Science
Design & Technology


English Literature
Further Mathematics

Home Economics
*Information & Communication Technology

Learning for Life and Work

*Moving Image Arts
*Physical Education
Single Award Science
Religious Studies

Technology and Design

Subjects marked * can be taken as GCSE options without prior experience at Key Stage 3. Some restrictions on students taking particular subjects may be required if the subjects are over or under-subscribed. We endeavour to facilitate individual choice. However, this is not always possible. Curriculum provision is subject to change and verification.

AS/A2 Level Studies At Portadown

College 2016-2017

Your aptitudes, interests and ambitions

Portadown College offers A Level examinations in both traditional and vocational subjects. Vocational subjects such as Health and Social Care are similar to traditional A Levels but have stronger links with the world of work. Vocational courses contain a greater proportion of assessment by coursework than traditional ones.

A Levels are assessed through a combination of examinations and coursework. In most subjects the examinations carry the significant weight of assessment. If you enrol with us as a Sixth Former you can choose up to four subjects listed below. Some students study four subjects in both Years 13 and 14; others will continue with three in their second year. Our aim is to be as flexible as possible, allowing students to tailor their curriculum to their career planning.

Supporting the most able

In recent years it has become apparent that an increasing number of our students wish to study 5 AS Levels in Year 13 and some continue with all 5 into Year 14. We recognise that large numbers of our students are gifted and talented and make every attempt to meet their needs. Stretching the very able takes place in a number of ways, in addition to an expanded AS/A2 curriculum:

  • Oxbridge preparation;
  • enrichment activities;
  • Mathematics Challenge UK;
  • public speaking competitions;
  • subject Olympiads.

We recognise that not every student will find the transition from GCSE to AS and A2 levels completely smooth. It is our aim, however, to support students in building the coping mechanisms they need to maximise their potential in the form of pastoral support, counselling, time management, planning, guided private study, careers advice and mentoring.


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